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Re: Follow up on CO2 Regulators

On  Thu, 28 Sep 2000 20:49:32 EDT  IDMiamiBob at aol_com writes:

>Bruno attacks Shawn and writes:

We can really do without the incorrectly emphasised remark.

>I don't think calling him a heretic is in order here.

I thought it was rather obvious it was a typo.

>But now you are diving in and being mean as well.

To anyone sharing or contemplating this opinion.  Let me clearly state that the
purpose of my text was not to insult, but to clear the air.  The CO2 thread had
taken some turns but had all been worked out fairly well before the erroneous
and blanket statements from Shawn appeared.

>Depend on a dictionary more and your spellchecker less.

You mean to tell me there's a way I can have the computer check my spelling?

EMAIL NOTE:  I do not appreciate receiving email spawned from a thread in this
list, or usenet for that matter, attempting to incite a flame war.  I will not
spend time receiving banter in email.  I will especially not have my email boxes
used for the delivery of racial slurs or remarks - thank you Shawn!  All such
communication will in the future be archived and the poster simply filtered out
from future delivery.  If you have something intelligent and meaningful to
share, then by all means, that's why I provide my address in the first place.

If the list will turn into a constant flame bed and advertising board, then I
will pass on it as well.