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Re: Any opinion on Perfecto SHO's ?

Ivo responded to this post:

> You asked about opinions on the Perfecto SHOligths. I have one 36" long
>  2 X 55 Watt unit. I did not return it at the recall since they told me 
>  the replacement for the 36" long unit was a 1 X 55 Watt. So what would be 
>  the point of replacing my original 2 X 30 Watt T-12 standard double strip 
>  with the 1 X 55 watt ? Same amount of light for about twice the cost ? Go 
>  figure. I also couldn't find in my unit the reasons for the recall, namely 
>  the reflector edge rubbing against the wires and eventually exposing and 
>  touching the wire core. But I can imagine that with their shoddy quality
>  control, many units could habe been assembled differently, and I could see
>  how the problem could happen, given large tolerances for the placement and
>  sizes of the internal components. 
>  I bet things like that are behind their decision to drop out of the 
>  They just cannot compete with better built and competitively priced units 
>  such as the AllGlass and Oceanic. I did see those at the store and, 
>  me, they beat the Perfecto ones by a large margin in terms of quality.
>  I also do not believe that the market for PC strip lights is shrinking. On
>  the contrary, there is evidence it is booming. The recent release of the
>  AllGlass, Oceanic and CustomSeaLife models is one evidence. GE and other
>  lamp makers offer an increasing variety of high-power PCs bulbs specificaly
>  designed for aquarium use. The Phazer fixtures now come with PCs inside, 
>  and I bet their T8 models will be phased out soon. Ohter brands such as 
>  JBJ are offering outstanding products (at least they look like to be) at 
>  competitive prices (see their line at
>  http://www.anchofish.com/drygoods_lighting.htm). 
>  If I had a hood which can only fit a Perfecto strip, I would rather ditch
>  the hood, replace it with a glass cover and install an AllGlass or Oceanic 
>  PC strip. Maybe more expensive, but worth it IMO.
>  Btw, the Perfecto 55 Watt bulbs are just standard, German base (2G11 
>  bi-ax lamps that you can find everywhere. Large mail-order aquarium 
>  suppliers and some LFSs stock the varieties good for aquariums. The 
>  and Oceanic bulbs are one of those. They are custom-made by GE and I 
>  based on the spectrum, that the light should look similar, perhaps a 
>  redder, to the light put out by a Triton bulb. Coralife also sells then in 
>  daylight 6,500 K, and bluer, marine varieties. The best prices I am aware 
>  are from AH Supply. They sell both a 6,500 K, >80 CRI, 4,800 lumen type, 
>  a 5,500 K, >90 CRI, 3,800 lumen variety. I have one of each, and the mix 
>  looks excellent to my eyes (and to the plants :-) ).
>  Good luck,
>  - Ivo Busko
>    Baltimore, MD