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How do I kill Gamaris?


I have a problem with Gamaris in some of my ponds and tanks.  I'm 
sure they provide my fish with something yummy to eat, but I don't 
care for them crawling on my arm while I'm working with my plants.

I'm concerned about contaminating my "clean" tanks with Gamaris when 
I move plants around.  I have tried soaking my plants in an Aluminum 
sulfate or salt bath with no luck.  What has worked, but is not 
practical is to actually wash the plants by hand followed by a 2-3 
week long quarantine in water with many water changes.  There has to 
be an easier way!  Does anybody have any other suggestions?

BTW, my marine biologist friends in Hawaii refuse to help me on this 
subject b/c they actually LOVE these little creatures.