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Re: How do I kill Gamaris?

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 08:17:43 -1000
Lori Shimoda asked, How do I kill Gamaris?

Hello Lori,
I keep many different aquatic plants in ponds outside here in Darwin (no
heaters required).   I have trouble with insects and crustaceans so I use a
horse and cattle anthelmintic/boticide called "Neguvon" from Bayer.  It has
the active ingredient  trichlorfon.     I dose the neguvon into the ponds
at half a gram per cubic meter which kills the insects and crustaceans.
The trichlorfon changes to a more toxic state after about a day.   After12
hours I commence a big water change so the fish don't suffer.   I also use
it as a plant dip with 5 grams in 10 liters so I don't give any of my pests
to my friends when I give them aquatic plants.   We have two types of moths
here which have underwater larvae that trash aquarium plants, even the
plants in aquariums inside.

Dave Wilson