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Re: Banana Plants

>Can anyone tell me anything about the life cycle of banana plants? How
>long should I expect them to live under good conditions? Several years?
>Do they have dormant or seasonal phases?

I've had one for about 3 years. The bananas rotted off shortly after I
planted it and never really regrew, at least they are not visible if they
did. It doesn't go dormant and periodically produces leaves with plantlets
on them, although I have never tried to root them. I've never had it
flower, either.

I like it, it produces floating leaves without taking over the whole
surface, the way dwarf water lillies sometimes do.

Also-I had anacharis bloom in my pond this year. Just a tiny white flower
above the water line, not very impressive, but it's the first time I've
ever seen one bloom.

       Gerry Skau
       Work is the curse of the drinking class.
       -Oscar Wilde