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Lighting large tank

That is a good size tank.
You may consider decreasing the depth, it will be hard to plant and
Otherwise you might need to invest in a snorkle and mask.  ;)
For lighting the most econimal way would be halides.
The cheapest in the long run would be 250watts or 400watts with 65K
The 400watts will put you just over the mythical, magical 3 watts per
gallon rule.
You would probably only need two as the tank isnt all that long.
You may also need a way to ventilate the heat that will be generated.

What would I put in it?
A reef!   ;)

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How would you light a 40x40x40 inch tank (280 gallons)??   400w metal
halide?    What would you put in it?   Altum angels?   And some
monster red
sword plant?   And some crinum?   And some Crypt. aponogetifolia?  or
?????   This may actually happen......