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Re: Feeding Otocinclus catfish

> From: James E Newville <jnewville at juno_com>
> This past Sunday I bought 4 Otocinclus catfish.  When I tried them in the
> past, they all died within 2-3 months. I'm wondering if supplementing
> their diet will help. I've read in the archives and elsewhere that they
> can be fed zucchini.  Not being a big fan of zucchini myself, I'd like to
> know if they can be fed any other fruits or vegetables. Also, is there
> anything they might eat but should be avoided? Jim N

My experience with these fish is that they are very hardy once acclimated to
the tank conditions which they will inhabit. I have never supplemented their
diet with anything other than fish food. In a mature planted tank, I believe
they will always find enough to eat, IME. One thing to be cautious of when
supplementing their diet is that they may tend to get lazy and rely on you
to feed them rather than looking for food (algae, diatoms, etc) themselves.

Phil Behrends
Colorado Springs, CO