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Re: tropica

>Currently most LLFS in Tokyo carry Tropica, some of the smaller ones do as
>well. The concept behind this potted plant is to make it easier for
>beginners in the hobby to plant and maintain their plants until there is
>some experience and commonsense under their belts.(not my words but Mori
>san's from Pisces Publishing check out Minima, their magazine for the small
>aquarium owner). These plants are ideal for the Japanese market and people
>come to depend on Tropica's quality despite the fact that many of these
>plants are now available in any unused paddy, drainage canal or pond from
>the Southern Kanto Plain to Okinawa. ( I picked up some Giant Val,
>Sagiteria, Vallisneria biwaensis, Eurayle ferox and an unknown threadlike
>species with paired leaves at each node last Sunday.

I should mention that these came from an unused pond that was formerly part 
of a neighbour's fish/plant farm. He can't compete with the imports.
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