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Re: Tropica quality

A few people have asked about the quality of Tropica plants.  I will try to 
give an answer, however, it is based on hearsay and information that I've 
read.  Alas, I have never owned a Tropica plant.

Plants grown from tissue culture grow in a very sterile environment.  This 
creates very healthy and robust plants.  Additionally, the fact that they 
are typically grown emersed (except for the true aquatics) means that the 
plant you buy should be healthy and strong.

As a result, Tropica plants enjoy a good reputation for their consistent 
health.  However, this is NOT to say that healthy plants are not being 
raised in other parts of the world.

A last point is that should you buy a Tropica emersed-grown plant, 
understand that it will probably drop its leaves in the process of being 
acclimated to your aquarium.  This is because the plant is changing its 
leaves to the submersed type. At least that's how I understand it.


Art Giacosa
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