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Currently most LLFS in Tokyo carry Tropica, some of the smaller ones do as 
well. The concept behind this potted plant is to make it easier for 
beginners in the hobby to plant and maintain their plants until there is 
some experience and commonsense under their belts.(not my words but Mori 
san's from Pisces Publishing– check out Minima, their magazine for the small 
aquarium owner). These plants are ideal for the Japanese market and people 
come to depend on Tropica's quality despite the fact that many of these 
plants are now available in any unused paddy, drainage canal or pond from 
the Southern Kanto Plain to Okinawa. ( I picked up some Giant Val, 
Sagiteria, Vallisneria biwaensis, Eurayle ferox and an unknown threadlike 
species with paired leaves at each node last Sunday.
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