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Re: Texas drought

Hi all:

Sorry to be late on this, I was out of town and came back to a very "active" 
list. :-)

My subdivision was actually fairly lucky because we did not have water 
restrictions until August. Now I am allowed to water my bushes, flowers, and 
trees on Tuesdays and Thursdays from midnight to 10 am via drip irrigation, 
hand-held hose, or watering can of less than five gallons. No watering lawns 
at all. So my back yard looks like the aftermath of the nuclear holocaust, 
and the front yard is right behind it.

I *was* running about 10 gallons of RO water every weekend, but my concience 
won't allow me to anymore. So I buy distilled water from the grocery store 
and only run RO water for top-offs and drinking. I reconstitute the distilled 
water, of course, and add Tropica MasterGrow and potassium nitrate. My bushes 
get an extra drink on the weekends because I water them with the dirty fish 
water. :-)

This morning at 6 am it was 60 degrees F outside. I'm not sure that I know 
how to act; where's my parka?

Cheryl Hofmann
Oak Point, TX, where they recently transferred all the mosquito beds from 
Lake Ray Roberts to Lake Lewsville. Thanks, guys!