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Re: Quality products.


The gas grill and car examples were only to illustrate that in many of the 
products we buy there is an assumption by the consumer of functionality on 
the part of the product and the components that make it up. Anyone should be 
an informed consumer when they purchase a product, whatever it is. You may 
know the operating parameters of your car, engine size, speed ratings of 
tires, and what go-fast goodies help performance, but when you purchase the 
car you expect it to function as an assemblage of it's individual components 
(sports cars are my second hobby, btw. Sounds like you are a car guy also. 
Email me off list and lets talk. I drive Corvettes. Cars and Aquariums-good 

If what I have are single stage regulators (with two gauges) then thanks to 
you and Dave G for helping to clear this up for me. I will refer to them as 
single stage in the future. They still function exactly as they are supposed 
to and do it well at $150 or less. Hopefully, anyone interested in 
CO2_will_learn that there are preasembled regulator units (from Dave G and 
other sources) that work quite well but are not incredibly expensive and do 
not require sourcing each component individually.  

None of your comments were taken personally. The list is great but life is 
too short to get mad about trivial things. I appreciate what I have learned 
from this discussion.