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Re: CO2 Comments

J. Odian:

<<Your example is not fair because you mention the high concentration 
of nitrates and phosphates. Both of these are components that benefit 
algae more so than plants. Someone posted a study about algae earlier 
on this message board. The conclusion was that phosphate is usually 
the limiting agent in the growth of algae. In other words, 
agricultural phosphate run off will cause it not to be the limiting 
agent and thus algae will be encouraged to grow.>>


I only cited a contradiction to your idea that algae only grows in stagnat
water, not in fast moving streams.  The opposite is in fact true from my
experience.  Others have noted instances from their own experience that
also support the same which do not include the scat enriched run-off.


<<The issue here is not whether or not algae can survive or even grow 
in aerated, moving water but whether it accelerates the growth of 
algae in comparison to the growth of plants. >>


In the case of the dreaded BGA; aeration DOES seem to enhance its growth. I
do not even need to cite the REAL research conducted by the Aquarium
Landscapes' Techies ...I've seen it myself!  As for OTHER algaes, it is my
BELIEF that aeration just drives off the Co2 and thus, removes a key
advantage of higher plants which in turn, enhances the algae's competitive
advantage vs. the plants.

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