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re: Quality products

On Fri, 15 Sep 2000 14:44:22 EDT Dgrim62 at cs_com (Dave) in APD#545 wrote:

>Dave Gomberg wrote:
>>"I seriously doubt that you could buy such a system of quality you would want 
>>to run for less than $250."

And Dave (not Gomberg) wrote:
>In my experience you can buy a quality 2 stage reg with needle valve and 
>solenoid for $140-$150 all day long from Pet Warehouse, Champion Lighting, 
>PetSolutions, and other MO places.

Dave Gomberg already followed up with some points theat were not made, namely
product names and part numbers.  What he didn't ask is what I have been
questioning since this was written.

Are you in fact dealing with DUAL-STAGE or just DUAL-GAUGE components on these
sites?  If you look at a picture of both single and dual stage regulators, they
may very well look identical.  Any quality regulator from a quality
manufacturer, is fairly expensive compared to the single-stage.  If you want
quality, I don't see any way to get all three parts (real dual-stage regulator,
real metering valve and good solenoid) for even close to $150.  Look at the M3
system.  It works and works well for $150.  But it is not using a dual-stage
regulator and it is not using a fine metering valve.

>Yes, some type of control is needed, but a timer is $5.

What kind of timer is only $5?  Even the rotary ones up here in Canada I don't
find for $5 unless they're in some kind of surplus bin at some out of the way
place.  I pay $35 Canadian for digital 6-event timers.

>My regulators have performed flawlessly for well over a year now, 
>and neither was over $150. So while I respect your opinion, my experience 
>tells me otherwise.

Gomberg's opinion is based on factual information that has been referenced in
this list as early as last week.  Please do post model information for the
regulators and other products you are talking about.  Everyone should be more
than curious about where to get a dual-stage product for those prices.