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Re: LaMotte pH kit

James Purchase wrote

<< Larry Lampert noted (as had George Booth a short while ago): "On another
note it was recently posted that Lamotte has discontinued their 6.0-7.4 kit

Would it be possible, for those of us who actually have this kit, to obtain
the indicator dye from a source other than LaMotte? Aren't the various
indicator dyes used in all test kits pretty standard, or at least available
from multiple sources? >>

I guess you missed my post on this subject James. Don't worry, unlike the
Italian saying "Paganini non ripete!" I do :) This particular LaMotte kit
uses bromthymol blue, which is common for this pH range. Another good pH
kit is the inexpensive Aquarium Pharmaceutical which fortunately has a lot
of reagent (bromthymol blue) but unfortunately uses a typical paper chart
and not the nice LaMotte comparator with sealed liquid references. I've
found that 5 drops of the A.P. reagent gives the same hue and intensity as
the 8 drops of the LaMotte.  Before we all run out of LaMotte reagent, it
would be nice if a few others could compare the A.P. and LaMotte reagents
with the LaMotte vials and comparator and post their results (there are two
vials in the LaMotte kit, so you can easily do some side-by-side tests).


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