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Re: Sponge attached to Eheim (was Which Eheim Do You Use?)

>From: "Jody Heming" <claybirds at erols_com>

>I use the 2226 on my 75G tank.  It has a heavy fish load and lots of plant.
>I have found from using others advise that putting a sponge filter on the
>outlet makes my water sparkling clear.  Hope this helps.

    Hi Jody,

    Thanks for sharing that.  I would really appreciate hearing the details 
of how you do that, if you would  please share it.  On the filter exit tube 
rather than the intake strainer?  Which sponge filter do you use?  How do you 
attach it?
    My tank has never had fully clear water in it's year and a half, but I've 
also always had cba or algae problems and thought it was related to that 
(likely it is).  But I would like to know how to do this.  I don't know of 
anything that contributes to the looks of the tank more than 'sparkling clear 
water, and I've been waiting such a long time to see it in my tank.

    Thank You,

    Zach K