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CO2 Regulator

>hahahhahaha! I can imagine that some people must be frothing at the mouth -
>maybe this person is right, I don't know. But I've never been sorry for
>spending money for high quality components.

hahahhahaha! I am right James. You obviously have a computer.  Check out the
web site yourself.  I have done the research or I would have said "I think
they would work".  Not only do they work, regulating CO2 is what they are
designed and marketed to do.  I have looked at a lot of the commercially
available ones and some of the better models use the exact regulator I

I don't understand why I see a lot of posts from people that are trying to
modify expensive specialty regulators to work on CO2 when CO2 regulators are
so readily available.  I too prefer to purchase high quality components but
you do not gain any advantage by modifying a regulator designed for
something else.

This is the cost of the regulator only.  Someone wanting to make a CO2
system would have to also buy fittings, needle valve, CO2 bottle, etc.  This
can be far cheaper than buying a complete system but that doesn't mean the
packaged systems are over priced.  Think of the costs associated with
marketing, assembly, packaging, customer service, and profit.  For a lot of
us that is worth  the extra dollars.

Lyndle Schenck