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Mollies, Guppies, Neon Tetra in planted tank?

I'm tryint to keep some mollies, guppies, and neon tetra in my
fish/planted tank but they don't seem to do well, especially mollies and
guppies. I know that those 2 fish prefer hard/alkaline water over soft
water. Mine is around 5dh and pH 7. But I read in some articles that
people use black mollies to control algae. How could they raise black
mollies in planted tank since most planted tank water is soft. The neon
tetra is a soft water fish, but after a few months, they start to die. The
tail base portion is usually get ulerated. Bettas, gouramies don't do well
in this
tank also. They will eventually die. The otocinclus perished in this tank
also. I wonder if this is due to excessive
lighting (12h/day).  Angel fish, a hard water fish,
surprisingly do well in this tank. Platys, not so well but they grow fast.
Pleco, corys, khuli loaches have no problems.
My Lilaeopsis isn't growing straight. They have bent blades. But my
glossostigma is doing fine. Wha't is the problem with my tank?