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Algae with a taste for a single plant type?

Hi, everyone...

I seem to be having a problem with algae, but algae with a peculiar taste
for one type of leaf.  It only attacks amazon sword plants, to the exclusion
of every other plant in the tank.  All the amazon swords in the tank have
this on their outermost leaves.  Only the inner younger leaves are
untouched.  It isn't a hair algae, but a green, slimy film on the leaves.
It is so tough that It can't be scraped off without destroying the leaf.  In
fact, it actually seems to be destroying or weakening the leaves.  I have
other swords, including melon and another type I can't identify, right next
to the affected plants, both untouched.

The tank is a relatively low maintenance 55 gallon, with a straight sand
substrate, unfiltered, with 4 Chroma 50 bulbs (160 watts) hanging 5 inches
above the open top.  I use Kent freshwater plant micronutrient supplement
and Seachem's Flourish, both as directed.  No Co2 currently, although I have
used yeast in the past.  I prune dead leaves when it needs it, and live ones
when the tank begins to resemble a green cube.  I haven't paid too much
attention to water chemistry aside from things that are dangerous to the
fish.  The PH is 6.5-7, and it is regrettably relatively hard water.

I know I haven't given you much info to work with, but if anyone can
identify this algae and tell me how to get rid of it, it would be much