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re: Lead, an Important Nutrient?

I suspect the "lead" is a translation error. While we are on the subject of
essential nutrients, I found it curious that Flourish liquid was one of the
only fertilizers to contain (or at least declare) Nickel, needed for the
enzyme urease. It's one of the 17 nutrients listed, for example, in Diana
Walstad's book. I was curious about some of the other elements present in
very small amounts in Flourish: 


I thought perhaps that SeaChem was just being scrupulous and was reporting
contaminants, but Greg Morin replied to my query: 

<< They are required. Everything we add is for a reason and not as a
contaminant. I know that the vanadium is also utilized in some enzymes, the
others I don't recall offhand as to their specific use... >>

Why then are these not mentioned in our aquatic-plant references if they
are physiological requirements? Are any, like boron, specific for aquatic
(and not terrestial) plants? Also, if they are missing from other
commercial fertilizers, I assume that our water supplies provide them.

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