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Re: Lead, an Important Nutrient?

Zack K writes:
  <I was surprised to read in Amano's Aqua Journal #34, that he listed
"three main minerals" for aquatic plants as being " nitrogen, lead and
calcium" !  I wonder if it is a translation error....>>  

I'd go with it being a translation error.  At first I thought the
translator must have misread the Japanese character for "iron."  The left
half of most Japanese characters for metals, such as lead and iron, is
the same (consisting of a more basic character meaning "metal" when by
itself).  So if the translator was hasty, he/she might have misread
"iron" (or another metal) as "lead."  But then Zack wrote that iron was
mentioned later in the same sentence, so I suspect the translator just
confused the English words. Maybe phosphorus ("rin" in Japanese) was
meant.  Besides, lead is a known toxin. Actually, I wonder if "calcium"
is a mistranslation of "ka-ri-um," the Japanese word for "potassium."
Calcium in Japanese is "ka-ru-shi-um" (borrowed from the English word).
Easily confused.  Maybe the phrase is supposed to read "nitrogen,
phosphorus, and potassium!" ("Mineral" doesn't seem like an accurate
translation in this context either, does it, since nitrogen is not even a
mineral.) Wish I could see the Japanese version of Aqua Journal.

Jim N

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