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Re: Lowering pH when adding hard water nutrients to soft water

William, I posted on this topic back in June.
As an update to my cellar chemistry experiments, after only 8 water changes
in just 4 months, the conductivity in the tap-water topoff bucket is 502
(233% of initial), and in the RO topoff bucket it's 223 (104% of initial).
I'd say it's fairly important.  Kevin

> OK this may fall under the heading of dumb newbie question but... When I
> kept reef tanks, I always topped off for evaporation with R/O water to
> keep the water chemistry from building up. Water changers were away done
> with reconstituted R/O (R/O right, salt etc). Why isn't it this way in
> fresh water? Many of the post seem to indicate that they top with tap
> water or aged mixed water, or is just covered by big water changes every
> week?
> William Beckerman
> Cornelius, NC