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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #515

A professional exhibit installer working in my new building turned me on to
a Dow product called 795 caulk.  It comes in all colors, including black.
There's no ammonia smell, as with the clear stuff.  Also, it's
'moisture-curing,' so you can literally caulk a bulkhead and then
immediately fill the tank.  It's also a great replacement for teflon tape.
$5-6 per tube.   It does not say 'aquarium safe' on the tube, but they have
used it with impunity in zoo and aquarium exhibits for years.  They use
Great Stuff that way, too, which I since used successfully to adhere cork
bark to the back of several tanks.  Kevin

> Does any one know of a black silicone that can be purchased and is safe
> fish?
> Jim Wilson
> Seattle, WA