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Re: Aquarium Silicone

> Can someone please tell me specifically what brand of silicone can be used
>  in an aquarium? I have been using small, toothpaste size tubes of Duponts
>  "Aquarium silicone", but I would like to find something larger. I see 
>  of silicone or calking, but none with certainty that are pure silicone.

A good question, because not all silicone cements and caulking compounds are 
safe for fish.  If you browse through the glue section of the hardware store 
or Walmart and carefully read the labels on the different types of silicone 
cement, you'll see exactly what I mean.  Many such silicones specifically 
mention "not for aquarium use," or "harmful to fish."  To be safe, I always 
buy silicone cement manufactured specifically for aquariums.  Hartz makes an 
aquarium cement, and so does Top Fin, among others.  I would recommend you 
purchase your aquarium silicone the same way, choosing only those products 
specifically marketed for aquarium usage.