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Subject: Aquarium silicone

Aquatic Plants Digest 9/2/00 3:48 PM Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

>Can someone please tell me specifically what brand of silicone can be used
>in an aquarium? I have been using small, toothpaste size tubes of Duponts
>"Aquarium silicone", but I would like to find something larger. I see dozens
>of silicone or calking, but none with certainty that are pure silicone.
>Robert Paul H

There are lots of silicones from Dow or GE that will do the trick. You 
just have to use one that doesn't have any anti-mildew additives (arsenic 
being common). If you are not sure, you can go to That Fish Place (888 
842-8738) www.thatpetplace.com and order a 10.3 oz (caulk gun size) 
Aquarium Sealant, their part # PF0213 - $6.49

William Beckerman
Cornelius, NC