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Re: Other acids and CO2-pH-KH table

I think these acids have a significant effect on the table. This was 
discussed sometime late last year. I recall finding a formula given at the 
krib that provides an estimate if your water contains these acids, and 
wondering how accurate it was. It was posted that this method is not very 
accurate at all for various reasons, and Roger Miller supplied a formula to 
derive CO2 content. I thought it was late last year, November or December but 
with a quick search, I couldn't find the posts.


>  Adrian Banica recently asked what affect the tunnic and humic acids from
>  woods and peats have on the pH/KH relationship that allows extrapoloation
>  of the CO2 content.  I believe George Booth replied that the impact of
>  these organic acids was probably negligible.
>  I only know that Ines Scheurmann stated that the presence of peat in a
>  substrate invalidates the pH/KH extrapololation.  (Stated in her Auatic
>  Plants Manual.)  But she did not explain the problbem.  Can anyone else
>  comment?
>  And by the way, someone referred to Ines Scheurmann as a male person
>  recently--she's a female person! ( Estrogen also plays a role in aquatic
>  plant horticulture...)
>  Carmen C. Robinett      Berkeley, CA   (510) 642-5971