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re: aquarium lighting

Just an addition to what has been said about the new All-Glass/Oceanic (same 
company now) 2 x 55 watt CF fixtures. CustomSealife makes a similar product 
called Britelite and Smartlite. The All-Glass and CSL fistures both have 
internal ballasts and are vented. The Smartlite is primarily for reef 
applications as one side of each tube is actinic (blue) and the other side is 
superdaylight. The Britelite has two 2 8800K superdaylight bulbs, and would 
be the one for a planted tank application. The difference between the CSL and 
the All-Glass/Oceanic PC fixtures is that the All-Glass fixtures are plastic 
and must be used over glass as they are open. The CSL fixture is made of 
black powder coated metal with an acrylic splash guard that slides in place. 
This fixture is made just like their powder coated MH fixtures for reef tanks 
and can be used with the splash guard over an open tank. The amazing thing is 
that the price difference between them and the                    
All-Glass/Oceanic fixture is minimal ($0-$25, depending on the MO source) for 
an incredible quality/durability/flexibility advantage with the CSL fixture, 
which is ideal for plant or reef tanks.  The 48" CSL units sell for 
$140-$150, including the bulbs, depending on your source.

Two of these units have the same footprint as a CSL 4 x 55 watt ABS PC 
fixture with a cooling fan, but cost $200 less ( <$300 for two Britelites vs. 
$500-$550 for the 4 x 55 Fixture).

Hope this helps.