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Re: BGA, H202, KH, Ph and CO2...

The only thing I have about the "increasing" of NO4 theory is,  the whole
outbreak began when the NO4 levels were around 40ppm (and there was no
measurable PO4 then, to).

Any other thoughts?

- Jeff

> You need to achieve a balance of nutrients in your tank in order to get
> rid of the BGA.  When I have BGA I first achieved a good nutrient
> balance with phosphate as a limiting nutrient (e.g. nutrients added to
> tank = nutrients taken up by plants), then I treated the tank with
> erythromycin tablets (Maracyn from Mardel Laboratories).  If you don't
> first figure out the nutrient balance then the BGA will come back.
> Additionally, I kept my nitrates at 5-10 ppm and the phosphate at ~0.5
> ppm during treatment and ever since then.
> As in stands your CO2 might be your limiting nutrient.  Try to get the
> level 15-20 ppm.