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Re: BGA, H202, KH, Ph and CO2...

> I am no expert on the mechanics of the CO2 system, but couldn't be that
> there is a leak somewhere ? A very small and intermitent leak would
> perhaps create the instability and ineffectiveness you observe ?

Jeff said he's getting 2-3 bubbles per second.  So even if he's got
a leak in the system, he's still getting a pretty good amount of CO2
into the water.   

My guess is that CO2 is being released from the water, either some
surface disturbence, or maybe due to the wet/dry filter.  I know that
a wet/dry can be set up to minimize CO2 loss, but not all wet/drys
are, and many times, they will be releasing lots of CO2.  

I just made a couple changes to my wet/dry to reduce CO2 loss (and
noise).   I made changes to eliminate any splashing.  I had lots of
splashing in the overflow box, and when the water hit the drip-tray.

By reducing the splashing in those two places, I was able to reduce
my bubble count, and still maintain the same CO2 level.