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Re: Napster and plants

This sounds like a good idea. It's hard to get things this well organized via 
the internet it seems, though.

I recall a list (Steve Pushak's site?) of aquarists willing to trade plants. 
If you paged down through the list, you could find people near your locale 
through city and state given. Unfortunately, every e-mail I attempted through 
this list came back as defunct. 


<< Hey all. All this hubub about napster, and my longing for some Rotala 
 magenta, got me thinking about a trade forum for us plant folk. A web site 
 where all of us plant ppl could scroll down a list of plants and check off 
 the plants we have and enter the city and state we're from. People looking 
 for plants could search the site by plant and zip code and trade for plants 
 with other ppl. If one of us has nothing at all to do, each species name 
 could have a link to info and a picture about that plant.
 I think it'd be nice because we'd never be without a plant we really wanted. 
 And we all throw away so much plant material. It's a shame to do that when 
 someone across town is tryin to find that very plant your throwing out. I 
 don't know how to design a web site though. Hehe. Which conveniently means 
 that I can't do the site unless no one else will do it.