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Administrivia - Please Read

Once more I come to you on bended knee (well, not really but I thought that
might invoke some sympathy) to remind you of the following:

1.  Posts to the APD must be sent to aquatic-plants at actwin_com    Replying
to the APD gets them sent to aquatic-plants-owner, me, and I have to send
'em back.   Or trash them - depends on how busy I am.

2.  Posts to the APD must be in Plain Text; email in HTML or another rich
text bounces straight to . . .  you got it - me.   I usually trash them; if
nothing else, posting to a discussion list in HTML is incredibly rude.  If
you don't understand why this is so, write to me directly for a thorough

3.  Email to the APD must be sent from the address from which you
subscribed.   If you subscribed from idiot1 at msn_com and your email is
coming from idiot1 at email_msn.com it will bounce to . . .  anyone got a
guess?    Right - ME.   Usually straight to the trash.   Nasty emails
saying, "I am posting from the right address.  You're a moron.  Fix it."
usually get about one hour of thought with a reply that includes the story
about flies, honey and vinegar.   Little else,  but a nice educational story.

If you're sending email that isn't appearing in the APD, email me.   The
easiest is probably aquatic-plants-owner at actwin_com but my "home" email
address is fine, too.  

Just so you know, the APD currently has 1586 subscribers; each digest
generates in excess of 40 error messages despite daily maintenance.
Unless y'all want pay me so I can quit teaching and make the APD my
full-time job, some things have to give.  Writing to each and every person
who has bouncing email is one of those things.  


http://www.metronet.com/~cyn      in north central Texas

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