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Anubia second question

Hello everybody ! Thanks for the help, id one of my Anubias as caladiifolia.
My second question is how do you tell Anubia  hastifolia, gigantea, and
gracilis apart ? I grow all my anubias emerged in a paludarium with poison
dart frogs ! And have much thinner and softer leaves then submerged growth.
So telling gracilis apart from the other two can not be done by leaf texture
.But the two anubias that I am trying to id have acricles or lateral lobes
( spade shaped ). 1. The lobes are at a 90 degree angle to the rest of the
leaf on the first plant. 2. The lobes are parallel to the rest of the leaf
on the second plant  . Other then that the two plants look the same .Hope
you can help me again ! thanks !!!Paul Hansen <*///><
phansen at tampabay_rr.com ><))))*>