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Sword Plant Mystery

Hanna has a sword plant that... "My Amazon Sword is not growing!"

The text book discussion of Sword plant growth is that they are seasonal.
My experience is that they may or may not be seasonal.  I have had sword
plants stop growing and managed to get them to grow again.  You need to pull
up the sword and look at it's root ball.  If there is a "bulb" at the base
of the plant that looks carrot like, you have a plant that has formed a
"Corm (spelling?)".  The corm is formed before the plant goes dormant, the
seasonal thing I was discussing.  If you snap, or cut, the corm off, the
plant is fooled into "thinking" that the growing season has started again.
The plant can then be replanted and will grow again.

I am far from a sword plant expert, but what I just discussed sounds
plasable from my experience with swords.

Good luck,

Warren, MI
newellcr at yahoo_com

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