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Green smelly water

Approximately a week and a half ago I used maracyn to get rid of BGA.That 
worked fine but last weekend when I went away for a couple of days my  DIY 
CO2 got sucked into the filter by way of a siphon.When I got home on Monday 
night the water was cloudy and the SAE's were gasping for air at the 
surface.I quickly did a 50% water change and added emergency oxygen 
tablets(oxygenex by aquatronics).On tuesday I also did another 40% water 
change.From the CO2 accident I lost a total of three SAE's.Here's the problem 
now though.Since Monday the water has gotten progresively cloudier so that it 
looks like a case of green water.The tank also has a pungent odor to it that 
makes the whole room stink(my bedroom).I've tried traditional methods like 
blacking out the tank and using a diatom filter for about three days on and 
off for about six hours a day but it has only gotten worse.Needless to say 
it's been a bad week.Ialso found two dead cardinal tetra's in the tank 
today,otherwise the plants and fish don't seem to be bothered.Ijust wanted to 
know if the BGA or sugar water/yeast could be the problem or if it is just 
coincidental and really just green water.I've had green water before but it 
has never stunk like this before(the family is starting to complain).Any 
thoughts and or comments would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much.