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Re: H2O2 as BGA cleaner upper

Gitte wrote: <snip>

> My 3.5 gallon planted windowsill tank has a recurring
> problem with a thick coating of what I believe to be BGA.  The only fish in
> the tank are a pair of killies.  
> After reading about it on the Krib, the dosage for a tank with fish isn't
> clear.  It seems that 2 ounces per 10 gal was used with no ill effects in a
> planted tank, but can someone recommend a safe dose for a tank containing
> fish?  Or would I be better off to temporarily remove the killies?

If you're going to leave the fish in the tank use 1 oz./20 gallons,
fishless try 1 oz./6 gallons. The 2 oz per 10 gallons DOES have ill
effects. It will kill all the snails and good guy bacteria, basically
setting your tank back to square one.

In experimenting with H2O2 I've found I can induce BGA by simply turning
off any water flow (power heads and/or filters). Within 7-10 days I have
BGA, especially if I've allowed plants to sprawl across the surface. If
I treat with H2O2, and leave the water flow turned off, it takes a month
or two for the BGA to return. If I turn the flow back on, it doesn't
return. I've done this in 3 different fishless, planted tanks, that have
different lighting and substrates. It's worked the same way on all three
tanks every time I've done it. So, to those of you who have recurrent
BGA problems, one thing you might want too address is water flow.

These are strictly my observations, and as usual, YMMV.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl