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Catching fish in an underwater jungle

There's no really easy way to do this.  Traps work as do other methods but if 
I'm totally serious about it here's what I do.

I catch as many of the slower fish as possible first. Since they're never the 
ones you really needed to catch in the first place- I next drain as much 
water out of the tank as I possibly can - I mean right down to the gravel if 
need be. Now those plants which provided the fish with such excellent cover 
before become an impenetrable barrier and their presence becomes obvious as 
they flop about in the shallow water or on the gravel.

A little stressful perhaps, but very effective and much better than death 
from disease. All things considered this may be the fastest method too.

As I fill the tank back up - I pause frequently - before too much water is 
added and look for strays. I don't know about you guys, but I usually have no 
idea exactly how many fish I have in any given tank, especially the larger 
tanks, and it's still much easier to catch fish in 1 or 2 inches of water 
than it is after I've added enough to allow the plants to separate and the 
fish to swim and maneuver through with ease.

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach