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Re: Pruning Gloss

"Raymond Wong" <myapisto at hotmail_com>
>Subject: Glossostigma problem...
>Hello Everyone..
>in my tank I've got glossostigma growing like crazy! if I try to remove some 
>.. big portions of the 'matt' gets pulled up.. it's in an area of 1/2 foot 
>by 2.5 feet.. there's several layers.. the glossostigma is over 4 inches 
>thick.. in a matter of around 2 months time since I received some from a 
>What I'd like to do is to try to thin out the layer without pulling 
>everything up..
>any suggestions?

Did you read any of the old post of mine not long ago? I addressed this
I used a plastic paint scraper depending on the needed size(1 2 3 4 inches
etc and simply cut out sod pieces by shoving it deep into the gravel in a
square shape a removing the fresh cut sod. The sytuff grows right back in
fast and you now have nice new growth while also thinning it. Rotating this
method to a new section each time will give quite nice results and save you
lots of grief.
If large portions are too unsightly for you, try small one inch squares all
over like a checker board. Removing the whole mat ruins things and it take
much longer to recover this way.
Tom Barr