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Anubias correct I.D.'s

Hello everyone, this my first posting . My problem is correctly I.d. of the
Anubias I have . It seem the more books I look at the more confused I get
.Every book I have call them by different names. Is there a source for the
original description of this plants or a source that everybody go's by .
Picture are hard to use for id , because every plant is slightly different !
A written description would make thing easier for me at
least ! Hope you can help ! the books I  have are oriental aquarium,
dennerle nature aquaristic,tropica aquarium plants,the complete guide to
water plants by muhlberg ,aquarium plants by tepoot , aquarium plants by
rataj, just to name a few. thanks for the help .Paul Hansen <*///><
phansen at tampabay_rr.com ><))))*>