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Does BGA create smelly water?

Since a bit of BGA showed up in my moderately planted 45 gallon tank, I
have noticed a very "sharp" odor to the tank.  Very noticeable when I
remove plants from the tank or do some trimming.

I've been experimenting with leaving the lights off for a day or two and
that does make the BGA die off.  I then do a water change. I would have
to say only 25% of it returned since my last water change. Maybe 10 days
ago.  But the BGA must have something to do with the odor.

Everyone in the tank is very healthy.  I do have to admit I have been
getting lazy with the water changes. I was religious about it (once a
week). Have now slacked off to every two weeks.  Going back to once a
week.  I have a poor Betta paying the price for it. He is in his own 5.5
gallon, heated lighted, planted tank but he developed cotton mouth. I
cured that only for him to develop dropsy. Wish me luck with that. Am
presently treating with Nala-Gram and 1/2 tablespoon of epsom salt.
Also feeding Tetra-Medica.  I should have given him a second dose of
Jungle's Fungus Clear.

Any thoughts?