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Adding Salt in Freshwater Aquaria

     I remember that when I was a kid living in New Jersey that I would put
a salt or tonic into my fresh water aquariums.  It was recommended to
improve the health and conditioning of the fish for breeding and plant
growth.  It was a product called "BAUSeMAN SALTS" (don't know if the "e"
belongs there).  I wish I could find it now. It was concocted as a blend of
various salts that would be beneficial to fish and plants and that is why
they called it a tonic for the aquarium.  If I remember correctly, the water
in Jersey is quite soft and delicious around the Fort Dix area over 20 yrs
ago.  If anyone knows of it, let me know.  It was on the market for years
and I would recommend it.  
Thanks Diana in California  

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