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Re: Dosing K2SO4

Phil asked:
> Is it powder or otherwise a dry mixture,  or liquid?
> How do you folks mix yours? How much should be dosed at a  

Potassium sulfate is a dry chemical (looks like salt). It's not 
hydrated and usually is ~99% K2SO4 in the pure form. pH = 7. 
Maximum solubility @ 25C is 12.0 g/100ml. I make a 10% 
solution, which is hard enough to get into solution. 10% is 
100,000mg/L K2SO4, or 44,870 mg/L K. So, 1ml of 10%K2SO4 to 
11.9 gallons (45,042ml) is 1ppm K. 

Jamie    <"\\\><