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Re: Hair Algae/PO4 removal

Stephen asks:

> ques 1) What else .. besides phosphate... could be causing the growth?
High nitrates, too much Fe in the water column, or imbalance of 
water parameters. I would tend to lean toward the PO4 and NO3.
> ques 2) If I measure the phosphate and find it high, how do I LOWER the
> level of phosphate? 
Everybody asks, nobody likes the answer...water changes. If it's in 
your water supply and your plants aren't able to utilize it all and 
you think that's mainly your problem, reconstituted RO water or 
distilled water would help. If it's leaching from a Jobe-laden 
substrate (I had one of those), good luck and don't stir the gravel, 
but do lots of water changes. Another course which I also tried, 
phosphate-absorbing resins. Most products are actually aluminum 
oxide, not resins, and they will help aleviate some of the residual 
PO4 in the water column once you get it under control.

Jamie    <"\\\><