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Homebuilt large CO2 reactors

I'm planning a 15" tall, 4" diameter CO2 reactor based loosely on the one at

I'm thinking about a basic PVC pipe, capped at each end, slotted in the
bottom few inches to discharge water to the sump. A powerhead in the other
sump feeds the tube from the top. A plastic line is used for CO2 input and
leads from the top, to near the bottom of the pipe, above the exit slots.

I plan on filling the PVC pipe with normal plastic BIO media and powering it
with the Hagen 802 I have driving my current venturi driven system. My goal
here is to get the powerhead and CO2 reactor out of my tank and into the

I'm hoping someone has done something remotely similar, or can see some
problem with this that I am not. I really don't know if it can be as
efficient at my venturi driven reactor, but I would like to get the "stuff"
out of my tank.

Thanks for any input.

Jon Wilson