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Zippel's FFF Fry!

As a recent convert to the FFFFC (Florida Flag Fish Fanatics Club) I'll
give it a shot.  I preface my statments with this caviat... I'm a recent
convert!  Thus, there are others with more comprehensive experience and I
hope they'll speak up (You out there Eppler? :-) I've found the fry seem to
benefit from a tank that is not fully cycled and still has hair algae.
They like to stay WELL hidden; especially in fields of glossostigma and
other dense ground covers where they can easily find microbiota and algae
w/o having to go far.  Its best if your fish load is very low to reduce
predation.  Using a daphnia culture to increase the microbiota might also
be a means you might try to increase the fry's food supply.

That being said, I've had my best luck setting up a pond and leaving them
to fend for themselves in its rich, diverse environment.

Getting them to breed is simple enough.  Separate the males from the
females until you are ready for them to breed.  By then the males are
crawlin' up the walls and you'll have fry in no time!

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