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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #420

I am not sure of the light bulb provided (5w-8w t5?), but I would imagine that it could be used to grow some lower light plants.  Crypts, anubias, java moss, java fern, etc.  Ambient light from the overhead lights, desk lights would also add extra light which would allow for plants that would grow in normal lighting conditions.

The bulb could be replaced with a PC light for more output.

You could mess with the existing filter with pieces of plastic to divert the water flow more smoothly into the tank.

A shark would also work.  Maybe just a small fountain pump with a small sponge prefilter to prevent large things from being swallowed by the pump?  A powerhead turned way down?  

I tried the human respiration thing you mention.  I didn't really see much of a change.  I also tried adding a little bit of soda water every few days (when I felt like it).  It did helped quite a bit, albeit for a short time.  Be careful as it's easy to add too much and suffocate the fish and shift the pH many degrees very quickly.

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