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Re: Melting glosso

Mark wondered:
> Have you considered the possibility that the bulbs you use have reached
> their "termination" point, meaning that they are not as effective as
> they once were?  The fact that your plants, when they seemed to attempt
> new growth, were "reaching" would seem to indicate that they wanted more
> light.  "Melting" in plants is also a leading indicator that the level
> of light is insufficient.  

You took a stab, Mark, but the bulbs probably weren't the problem. 
There's a triplet bulb system in my hood and there's always a new 
one with two older ones. I pick up a cool white and Chroma50 
everyother six months to keep a rotation going. I think it's overkill in 
a way, but my lighting stays constant. I know glosso will reach 
when light levels are down, i.e. under large plants it'll start heading 
up, but it always kept a good, close carpet in the main lighted 
area. I also experienced some similar conditions with my chain 
swords. It grew for six months then kinda hit a wall. I still have the 
chain swords growing, but they're growing slowly (which is a lot 
easier to control), if at all. Go figure...

Jamie    <"\\\><