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More on Gloss

>>  I can maintain one inch thick glossostigma carpet for almost three
>> months.Initially they spread like weed and later the show the signs of
>> stunted growth.Now i can observe that this plant stopped growing
>> completely even though the same same tank parameters are maintained.pHis
>> 6.6, General Hardness 5dGH, Carbonate hardness 3KH.In my other tanks
>> also the same pattern of growth is exhibited by this plant.
Ooo! Forgot something else. You know that trowel looking thing Amano uses
supposedly for leveling gravel? Using it to "cut" pieces of "Gloss sod" out
can help lots to give the new growth room to run without pulling up the
existing-remaining lawn. This is what I do generally with Gloss and Hair
grass as a maintenance technique. I hate trying to replant all those little
pieces which often happens if you pull it up by hand etc. 
You can also pick and snip at the Gloss keeping it thinner and this building
up will not happen as much but it takes lots of work. Timing is everything
also on those photo's of his BTW.
After I cut a piece of sod it takes about 3-6 weeks to fill back in nicely
sometimes less. I also rotate the area covered by chopping a different
piece/area of sod out each time I cut it.

In this manner you always have a fresh newly grown lawn. But we are lazy<g>.
All that gardening and work can wear you down<g>.
Another idea is to let the gloss ramp up on other plants and this lets you
trim it easily as it gets going.

That dense carpet and some of the other Photo's of Amano's are often dark or
too dark to see what's in the shadows. I wonder but if you put enough time
and pruning into it for a photo it can be done. It's hard to do the thick
carpet in his book one. Doing that with hairgrass would be much easier IMO! 
Tom Barr