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Re: Light Bulb Source (If you need 30 watt bulbs)

In response to my own reply below, I found there was a SuperPetz located not 
too far away. I checked it out, and as Cathy posted, there was quite a lot 
marked down and closeout stuff, including light bulbs. No Ultra Tri Lux, but 
there was Trichromatics and  a Triton bulb laying in there. Unfortunately, 
they were nearly all 30 watts. No 20 or 40 watts, unfortunately. So, if 
you're in need of some good deals on 30 watt bulbs, check and see if you have 
a SuperPetz around. Fortunately, they had enough good deals in their closeout 
section to make me happy, anyway.


> > By the way, I went to the local SuperPetz to get bedding for my 
>  >  daughter's rat, and while rummaging through the clearance bin 
>  >  found a stack of Ultra Tri Lux (30 watt, the very size I use) for $7 
>  >  each ($18 online). So you might look there if this chain exists near 
>  >  you.
>  Hey, that would make my week! Unfortunately no SuperPetz around here, 
>  Gives me the idea to check at local stores (I figured _if_ they had them, 
> they'd be ungodly expensive.)