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Loaches and Driftwood

>Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 09:56:39 -0800
>From: "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
>Subject: Snails and Botia striata
>I think some clowns would be the best perhaps for control rather than
>eradication. B yo-yo(loachata)/skunk(morleti) are good at it & they will
>ignore the MTS's every so often. Thing is......fish are not all exactly the
>same(like the SAE thread-every one I had, liked to chew on Rotala wallichii,
>but a few folks seem to think otherwise-please send me some of yours<g>).

At one point, I had a massive snail breeding ground in my 55g tank - I
ignored it at first - but one can only ignore such things for so long.  So
I bought a triplet set of Yo-yo's (or Oy-oy's, as a friend likes to call
them).  After quarantine (and everyone *does* quarantine new arrivals,
right?), I released them to the 55, the snails disappeared literally
overnight.  It was amazing.  These loaches are superfast swimmers, so once
they are in the tank, they will be there until they die or you break down
the tank.  

FWIW, I lost one to the filter - he got curious right before New Year 2000
and swam up the filter uptake (the fluval uptake had a penguin basket - a
close fit, but could be pushed off easily), jammed the filter and died in
there.  The two that are left did find and dig out all of the miniature
clams that came on some driftwood that I purchased from Aquarium Driftwood
a few months ago.  Speaking of driftwood, all the tiny crevices that used
to be taken up by clams are now taken up by something that looks vaguely
funguslike.  Not furry, but white.  Is it fungus?  Should I get rid of it?
(And if so - how?)  It's been there for months and no one seems too
affected by it - I'm guessing it only manages to grow in those little spots
b/c they can't be accessed by the Pl*cos raspy mouths.