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RE: bladder problems

>Adding some bladderwort (Utricularia gibba) will also "rope" the Riccia
>>together..........Amano doesn't tell you this part anywhere :)

The bladderwort can often grow faster than the Riccia. It is hard -if not
impossible to get rid of once in your tank and in your Riccia
.......therefore use with caution. It can look ratty if you don't pull it
out every so often to lighten the load. I typically remove the
bladderwort/Riccia mat after a while( a few months) and toss it out after it
gets to bladderwortish.  
The plastic plate mesh screen idea is workable and is much easier than
roping a bunch of rocks with Riccia or moss. Neil mentioned this from the
Taiwan trip he took not long ago and had some nice slides showing this. 
They were doing this same method. It seems that one can simply pull out
excess Riccia with the fingers and also push back leftovers back into the
mesh/egg crate. I suppose other mesh/chicken wire sized or even egg crate
sized materials can be used. Hair nets aren't far off from this idea either.
Using Riccia is not a set and forget project but an ongoing gardening
endeavor. Floating is the easiest method but requires some harvesting on a
regular basis too.

>have seen tanks with just ricca mats and java moss boulders in the Great 
>One's(Amano) office.

"Great One's office"? HeHe. I have heard he is vain form several folks that
have met him. I cannot say since *I* haven't met him though.......

Tom Barr